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Is Your Child Ready to Drive?

Do you have a teenager in the family who is just about ready to drive? If so, you are probably experiencing some varied emotions over that, aren't you? Besides being at least a bit nervous about your teenager behind the wheel, you're probably also glad that you'll have another driver in the family. That will just mean that you won't have to be the family chauffeur anymore. 

Do you already have a plan on how your child will get his or her driver's license? If that's not the case, here are some ideas that might help you.

Teach Your Child How to Drive 

Before you decide for sure to teach your child how to drive a car, consider whether or not you have the patience to do that enormous task. Are you the kind of person who loses their temper easily? If so, this probably isn't the job for you. Are you a totally nervous backseat driver when somebody else is driving? If you are, just imagine how you'd feel while teaching your child how to drive.

If you can honestly say that you'd have the patience and the fortitude to teach your child how to drive, go for it. Think of going to an empty parking lot with your child and treating it as an actual street. A church parking lot might be the best space for your child to practice driving. You can give them instructions to follow such as pretending children are crossing in front of them. It'll give your child the opportunity to respond appropriately and enhance their reflexes.

Arrange for Driving School

If you don't feel at all comfortable teaching your child to drive yourself, then driving school is a great option for you. It's true that it will cost some money, but it will be money that is very well spent. And, you'll probably discover that driving school isn't that expensive, anyway.

Your child will be taught by an instructor who is trained and experienced to make the class interesting. Safety will be the focus of the class. At first, there will be classroom learning that includes laws and being a courteous driver. Your child should be ready to take tests during the entire time he or she attends the school. Very soon, your child will be given the opportunity to drive in different conditions such as highways. And, of course, your child will then have to pass the tests your state mandates. 

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