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Helpful Protocol When Having a Vehicle Towed

Sometimes vehicles need to be towed to repair shops. The engine may be completely shot or you may not even be able to start the vehicle because of electrical problems. If you're going through with this towing experience, you'll appreciate the following protocol.

Assess the Particular Vehicle

Today, you can get help from companies offering light towing services and companies that offer heavy-duty towing services. The two services vary greatly depending on the size and weight of the vehicle being towed.

For instance, if you have a large commercial truck that weighs a lot, heavy-duty towing is what you need to use to ensure your vehicle is towed in a safe manner. If your vehicle is pretty standard, such as a car or SUV, then light towing services will suffice, and you won't have to spend as much because regular tow trucks are used. 

Take Items Out

Before the towing company sends a truck your way, you might as well take this time to get important items out of the vehicle. You then won't forget them and realize you need them later when the vehicle is being repaired in a shop.

Common items you want to double-check for include your cellphone, wallet, important documents, money, and valuable items you don't want to leave unattended. After you have these items, you can feel more at ease.

Disengage the Emergency Brake

It's pretty common to engage the emergency brake when a vehicle is stranded, especially if your downhill or uphill. It's also pretty easy to forget that your emergency brake is activated, and that wouldn't be good if the towing company tried moving your vehicle.

So that nothing bad happens to your vehicle, go ahead and disengage the emergency brake right as the tow truck driver shows up. You can tell them you did this too so that they know they'll have an easy time getting your vehicle on the bed or back portion of their tow truck. It will then be transported to a repair shop safely.

Getting your vehicle towed can sometimes take you by surprise as your vehicle may malfunction without giving you a heads up. Despite how sudden you're having to use towing services, they'll be pleasant to deal with if you're aware of what things to do before a towing company helps you out.

For more information on heavy truck towing, contact a local towing company that offers this service. 

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