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Heavy Vehicles, Technicalities, And Penalties: How To Protect Your Fleet

There is the Federal DOT and then there are the state DOTs. Both have different regulations for oversized trucks and oversized fleet vehicles. The problem is that you might be penalized in one state for these vehicles but not in another. So, how do you deal with these issues? Clearly, you cannot downsize a vehicle, and there is not much you can do about the cargo these vehicles typically carry. In some states it can boil down to a technicality too, and then you are penalized for that. To protect your business and your fleet from being smacked by out-of-state trucking fees and punitive fees, do the following.

Know the Oversized Vehicle Limits in All Nearby States

If your fleet is traveling out of state to nearby states, know what the weight and axle load limits are in those states. Your vehicles could exceed those limits while still falling under Federal guidelines because each state is allowed to set their own oversized vehicle restrictions. Then you know which states will require an extra oversized vehicle permit to travel in that state.

Apply for and Receive Oversized Vehicle Permits for Each Vehicle and State

Next, each of your oversized vehicles that travels out of state will need the required permits for the states in which those vehicles travel. By making sure you have the required permits, your vehicles can travel safely and without punitive fees in those states. If there is going to be a weight problem or an axle problem despite having a permit, a weigh station on the highway should help your driver by preventing a road officer from ticketing your driver during a routine traffic stop. There are some other ways to help get around this issue as well, such as lessening the load and sending two trucks and drivers whenever possible.

Always Stay Within Federal Guidelines and Restrictions

Even when you cannot meet individual state guidelines and restrictions, always make sure you are well within the Federal guidelines and restrictions. Since the federal fees and punitive measures are much harsher, you want to be certain that you avoid these fees and these types of legal interactions. Always have your drivers check the weight of their loads before leaving any station or drop point and watch the axle type and number of axles. The Feds do not issue oversized vehicle permits, but they can still hit you with punitive fees if you do not meet their guidelines and stay within their restrictions.

To learn more about oversized vehicle permits, contact a company like Central Permits, Inc.

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